Work smarter…not harder!

As we approach the next Spring growing season, I want to help you every way we can to make your season a success.  You may have questions like “How can I be sure I’m turning a profit?” or “Is there a smarter or simpler way to do what I’m doing?” or “How can I encourage customers to come back to my place, rather than the competition?”  While I don’t say I can answer all these questions, I’d like to share some of what we learned in our own journey towards success.

In our experience, the first step to turning a profit required knowing our costs – the true costs.  Not an easy task, for sure, but essential.  Some crops needed extra handling, extra sprays, or had higher than average losses.  Were we accounting for those costs?  We discovered that we had to eliminate a few items that were nothing but a drain on our time, space, or margins.  You probably know the big swingers:  labor, utilities, freight, plant cost, health care, etc.  Count the costs, and then distribute them fairly over the crops you’re growing.  Most importantly, don’t fudge those figures.  Look at each crop honestly.

Then grow a great product and sell it for what it’s really worth – without apology!

Til next time,