Wave Petunias

Want to know why the ‘Wave is all the Rave’?

By Anna Randall

Wave Petunias are all the rave! They are a spectacular variety that have been bred for their prolific spreading growth habit, big beautiful blooms that bloom profusely throughout the growing season with easy care.  The beauty of this plant makes it a stand-alone, however the fact that no deadheading is required unlike original varieties of petunias, makes the Wave petunia a genius species!

What flower could be better?  They stand up to rain, humidity, heat, and other environmental stresses better than other varieties, making them a gardener’s delight! Less susceptible to botrytis and mold issues is another perk to this plant. Wave Petunias keep their lush, full habit even in the dog days of August when every other plant around them wilts at noonday and struggles to keep going.  Keep them watered and fertilized and they are like a gift that keeps on giving!

They even come in different varieties for different needs: trailing, mounding, and spreading. They are excellent for containers, hanging baskets or in the ground.

A few points to remember when planting:

Don’t over-pack your container. (I have a tendency towards this, wanting an instantly full basket, – resist the urge. 😉) A few plants will go a long way, it is recommended that you use 3 Waves in a 10-12-inch container. The larger the container the more plants you can put in. Wave Petunias will fight for the nutrients they need to spread and cascade, so make sure they have space to grow.  They will fill in fast and make you happy!

Fertilizer is a must.  Plants that are vigorous growers are hungry plants.  They need plenty of food to give them the energy they need to make those beautiful big blooms.  If you notice the leaves are turning yellow, that is a sign that your plants need some fertilizer.  Adding fertilizer to their water every ten – fourteen days is a good idea and will allow your waves to spread and bloom all summer.

Remember that containers dry down faster than the garden.  Because planting in containers limits the roots ability to seek out hydration it is important to keep them happy with water. In the heat of summer, your container may need water twice a day.  Dry down between watering is tolerated by Waves but don’t let them wilt. (I say, “don’t let them cry”) By the weight of your container and checking moisture levels by reaching into the soil with your fingers you will know whether your Petunias are thirsty or not.

Good drainage is key.  Wet roots do not make a happy plant and will encourage disease and or cause your plants’ roots to drown. There should be enough drainage that excess water can easily run out.

Waves need sunlight.  At least six hours a day of sunlight is ideal for this sun-loving plant.  They will perform best when they soak up the sun’s energy and warmth and give you the show you are looking for.

Give these gorgeous Wave petunias the care and love they need and they will give back to you all summer long!


“The world is full of poetry. The air is living with its spirit; and the waves dance to the music of its melodies, and sparkle in its brightness.”  James Gates Percival