Isn’t this little guy just adorable?

His grandpa who shared the photo says, “He’s my little CEO, putting the final approval on my order!”  Really cute.  Shout out to Greg Caron of Winthrop Greenhouse in Winthrop NY…thanks for sharing!

It’s great when our kids (or grandkids) join us in our chosen profession, but regardless of whether it’s our own or other young people, it’s essential that we’re ready to accommodate new ways of thinking.  Do we use words that they don’t understand?  Do we insist on using paper and pens and other antiquated tools that they simply don’t relate to? I was amused that my 20 year old son didn’t know about how to dial into a conference call, but he’s the one that can arrange a webchat no problem.  He told me that conference calls were outdated technology!  The reality of today is that the next generation gets to use language and tools that we can’t understand, but if we want to connect with them, it’s our job to learn how.  We can’t expect them to step back in time, but we get to step forward.  (If this seems unfair, just remember that their turn is coming.)

Frankly, I’m excited about the boundless imagination of our young talent.  Things that completely stump us in our business can be totally re-thought or re-invented by fresh new minds. Are we willing to listen?  Are we willing to let them dream and see where it takes us?  I read a story today that was as cool as it was inspiring.  Check out what this group of young people is doing. https://www.flowersfordreams.com

Happy Dreaming!