Well, we’ve heard of fixers, and most of us hope we’ll never need one.  For public personalities, a fixer may turn the tide in elections,  diffuse bad publicity, or solve financial issues.  But for us here at Jolly Farmer, we made that investment…a Combi-Fix which fills all the misses in our plug trays!


A huge financial commitment, but our Combi-Fix, also known as the Patcher, has easily paid for itself.  It takes an image of a plug tray, then based on that picture, it automatically blows the soil out of a plant-less cell, and replaces it with a viable plug from a donor tray. This has allowed us to sow most seeds singly into the plug tray, as opposed to wasting multiple seeds per cell to avoid a missing one.  Also, the automation has replaced a tedious manual process and ensured a high quality product for our customers.