Showing people that you care really matters.  We all want to matter, we all want our needs to be significant to others.  The really good companies with the best customer service show their customers that they matter and their orders are important.  In this photo, our general manager, his wife, and young grandson are sticking cuttings on New Year’s Day, because we know that timing is everything.

Over the holidays, getting the unrooted cuttings from around the world can be a challenge.  Extra freight for Christmas, government workers on leave, and employees wanting to head home all contribute to the puzzle for making sure your orders stay our top priority.  For the last days of December, we eagerly awaited our shipments, arriving from Israel, Kenya, Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Costa Rica and more on Tuesday, Wednesday and even Thursday while racing the clock to be done before the weekend.  Crews stayed late into the evenings, snacking on the pizza we bought in, before heading back in the sticking room.  Of course, Friday, New Year’s Day, we gave our employees the day off but a faithful few stayed to finish your orders.  We welcomed them to have a “shadow” for the day also, getting our next generation involved and encouraging a family atmosphere.  This motivated crew stepped up to the challenge and got all the cuttings safely into the propagation zone well before noon!

Always know that producing high quality plants on time to fulfill your expectations is our top priority.  So many things can stand in the way of achieving that, but we are not deterred from this goal.  It matters.  YOU matter!