Believe it or not, we are in the midst of house renovations…greenhouse renovations, that is!


In Progress


We’ve been using this facility (using it “hard”, I might add) for almost 20 years now.  The flooring which was made of asphalt is full of dips and valleys which collect water, and as you know, water grows algae.  In addition, our benching is tired and sagging and is getting hard to roll.  So we’re reinvesting inside by jack-hammering out all the old flooring, leveling it again, and pouring concrete.  Then we are constructing entirely new benches which roll electrically.  Over the next few years, we will upgrade all the greenhouses.  Right now, we’re on the fast track to get done this year’s work before we need the space for growing your orders!  You think you have pressure?


Before…notice puddles and algae


After…with good drainage, shiny new benches, and nice big wheels