Gerbera Daisies

No wonder we love them so much!

By Anna Randall

A flower named after innocence, purity, and cheerfulness, the Gerbera just makes my day!

Considered as the fifth most popular flower in the world this daisy and its colors and varieties are outstanding.

The Gerbera is not just a beautiful, fun-looking flower it also has health benefits.  Bringing nature inside is a fantastic way to brighten your day and mood.  We know that bringing plants inside is known to help clean the air, however some plants are better than others at doing this job. According to studies (by NASA) daisies have been selected as one of the best plants at removing the three most common indoor pollutants; Benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene. Considering our inside air is two – five times more polluted than the air outside it is important to keep it as clean as possible. NASA Clean Air Study

So, the moral of the story, the more daisies you bring in, the cleaner the air! Making a beautiful gift, these potted plants will not only brighten a family member or friends day, you are providing them with mother nature’s medicine. What gift is better than that!

Other health benefits include:

Common Cold – Because indoor plants increase humidity levels and decrease dust they are known to reduce cold-related sickness.

Drowsiness – Extra carbon dioxide can cause drowsiness levels to increase, but during photosynthesis, plants remove carbon dioxide from the air allowing you to feel more alert.

Stress – Plants are known to increase the feeling of well being, helping you feel calmer and have a better outlook on life. (This is so true for me!)

Headache – Because of the air purifying properties of plants and the oxygen they create, you are less likely to breathe in musty stale air that contributes to headaches, allergies and sinus trouble.

Dry Skin – Plants are a natural humidifier, which increases moisture levels in the air keeping your home less dry and your skin moister.

Insomnia – Because plants give off oxygen, they can help you have a great night’s sleep. Plants like gerbera daisies release oxygen at night, so keep them by your bed for optimal oxygen levels while you get well rested.

With Mother’s Day coming up this little gift of love, and purity will be sure to brighten your moms day!