So much to do before winter!

All around our home, the squirrels are crazy-busy!  Our massive Red Oaks are loaded with acorns which these creatures are desperate to store up before winter.  My dog barks and chases them, but they are not deterred from this all-important task.  They know they don’t have long.  (I hope it’s not a harbinger of a bad winter?!)

Here at Jolly Farmer, it’s all about what we can get done before the ground freezes.  Every summer, we make this long list of all the projects we want to do, but as the summer whizzes by, our priorities shift to getting the essentials done before snow flies.  We’ve been doing an enormous project of moving our fuel storage facility.  The contractor came in, dug a gigantic hole (the excavator disappeared inside!),  spent days jack-hammering through the ledge below.  Then just yesterday the big day came…setting in the tank.  Now the work continues…back filling the hole, setting up the pumps, building a canopy, paving the area, etc, etc.  So much to do…

Are you ready for winter?  Maybe you close down for the season, or do snowplowing, or perhaps you have amazing Christmas sales.  Whatever it is, it’s time to be counting down!  I’m so happy we have the fall season for that final check.